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         Fight back with Knowledge! Herbal Treatments, Enhancers, Liver Treatments, We will have an explosive set of facts for HEPATITIS  documented results. Cure's, Therapies, These facts are unfortunately come from years of research. FACT there are extremely few medical doctors that know less than i have learned in 6 years of trial and error. Seminars from the best doctors in the Country. You can not believe the vast unknown facts about the rejuvenation and treatments . We will also give you the information. On things you have to know for best possible outcome., Alternative's to drug's, unknown Herbal facts. about " Herbal Medicine " or a "Herbal Remedy" for fighting Disease, fantastic for, Brainfog, Vitality, Enhancements for the Body / liver. Detoxification and Abuse Problems, Life Enhancing - Extending , Herbals and medication Herbal Cure's, Every day your body is attacked by chemical compounds, toxins, and harmful toxic substances called " free radicals." Find out how herbal and vitamin antioxidants can cleanse your body of harmful substances and provide you the ability to live a longer and healthier life. This and more, learn to heal your body mind and soul. Herb's are Cheap, Effective, and rarely have side effects. Most importantly! Well tolerated by most. Which you will learn throughout these pages. We assume that you will use good judgment. And we are not doctors and these are here because they have worked. US law states we cant say much. "personal opinion" That is why the best herbal studies were conducted in other countries. These are all at your own discretion. We assume no liability.                                                  

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Although modern medicine definitely has it's place. It is the most abused method of treating a illness. Think about how many pills, cold mixture's, and other DRUG s with uncountable side effect's. There are some alternative's. Especially when it comes to organ's like the Liver. The last thing your liver need's, Is more Drug's! Antioxidant's are the key ingredient to most successful regiment's that can treat ORGAN'S such as the liver, Pancreas, Colon and others and extremely helpful for BRAIN FOG. which in most cases can be easily treated without drugs.

           Many members of the medical and scientific communities believe that free radicals are major factors leading to more than sixty different health problems including aging, cancer, and atherosclerosis. Reducing exposure to free radicals and increasing intake of antioxidant nutrients has the potential to reduce the risk of health conditions caused by free radicals. And other toxins. This is exactly why and how herbs work. But all the herbs in the world wont work without the one thing that is rarely mentioned on herbal sites WATER it is a great key factor in any type of herbal treatment, We also believe that if you are expecting to take any type of blood - Urine test that you abstain from them unless your doctor OK s it . It will mask many important enzymes etc. But once I was done I've had remarkable results But my methods were not informed to my Doctor , A great many health professionals that I have dealt with seem to think it is a waste of money buying herbs. And some have hinted that they would not treat someone who practices herbal type treatments which was actually why I kept it from my doc But as god is my witness and my actual test results show that by drinking a gallon of water a day combined with  (silybum marianum )  milk thistle and Dandelion obviously I went for years with no lowering of toxic enzyme levels till I tried a regiment. I figured what the heck and when I paid for the Supplements and it was a few bucks ,It really occurred to me what working HERBAL TREATMENTS with lots of water ,could do to modern medicine. By no means can they be compared to medicine that is logically prescribed, Unfortunately because of obvious risk I will not mention where I was basically a guinea pig, a recovered person from substance abuse is ( again in my opinion and observations ) is usually labeled Bi-Polar with substance abuse. Sounds pretty common, But this really bugged me thinking I was crazy. But that is actually was not the case as noted with dried out recovered Individuals. It is actually amazing if you think about it and you out there that know exactly what I am writing is no bull ! It It can happen to anyone .It really takes time for the brain to clear and sleep patterns to go back to normal. Only one person can answer that. Also noted  substance abuse and Physiological problems seem to have been noticed hereditary in most of my encountered acquaintances, throughout the years    But who knows these Pros that don't support them probably take them themselves, remember just my opinion. I just hope that some one can get some real help here we have several pages to try to inform you, the best we legally can. And always wash your hands it will help with numerous type infections ,etc Life is short enough so be proactive with your body needs and always visit a physician and get yourself checked Remember



Using Herbs to heal

herbalSince the beginning
of time Herbs have been used heal all types of ailments . Chinese Traditional medicine is getting a lot of recognition for their treatments. Most of them actually work ! We will try to bring some of these to our website for your viewing.

Herbal Remedy

The cost factor of herbs over medication make the choice pretty obvious for most. But the problem is what remedy will work ? We will try to bring working legitimate herbal and Vitamin treatments to you.

Help after Alcohol /Substance abuse

I must emphasize" These are self tested, documentation can be proved. Have the Blood test to back up our claims !   There is real hope for a recovering Alcoholic whose body is broken down, Please read our page on rejuvenation and see how it has helped others with LIVER problems! And a solid - working treatment very useful for fatty LIVER - Enlargement from abuse. The damage can be reversed in most cases if caught before chronic disease This is VALID information from a recovered chronic ALCOHOLIC who has tried so many other avenues, attended numerous seminars on the Liver and other ORGANS. Medications resulted in failure. Some doctors will prescribe Benzodiazapams such as Valium - Xanax - or other addictive drugs. They rarely  WORK ! It is a set up for failure ! Will explain in more detail in our page for those who want HELP. Once you commit to our regiment your chances for survival will improve. ALCOHOLICS stop drinking only 2 ways #1 A slow painful death #2 Quit ! It can be done easier than you may think. The answers are here. How can someone who has never been there advise you ? 

Vitamins & Minerals

ImageThe real importance  
of Vitamins is so often ignored or overlooked, The reason being is the false interpretation of what it says on the box or label. When food is processed and even when it is cooked the content of vitamins can be depleted, so in a sense it is not the amount that enters the body

Water Our bodies best friend

ImageThe real #1 source for Health ,WATER is most important !
It is your bodies natural way of removing TOXINS. Just stop and think for a minute about all the crap you inhale every day, The toxins that are absorbed from even your skin. Anti bacterial soap KILLS  skin over years and years. Pesticides on fruit and vegetables, the list of ways we absorb toxins goes on and on. read more

Hepatitis C Treatments - Cures

Image30% of the population Have been exposed to it ! This is only people who have been tested think about how many out there who have no clue they even have it read more about it here on our Hepatitis page. Also our important run down on the TREATMENT SIDE EFFECTS which is worth a read just think of the feeling of not Knowing , Many test Subjects just try to deal with it Subject 1) Was forced to to stop they could not stabilize. ,But after 7 months my test was considered at a level so low .I believe herbs and water the things I lacked during treatment will keep me Healthy.  

Exercise make your body fight !

Imagealso important !
It is a great way to get your bodies own defense mechanism to work harder not to mention all the other benefits like Weight , Energy, helps with blood sugar and so many other reasons. Learn more about a good regiment